“The Simple Art of Business and Social Manners”

About Us

Our mission is to develop and deliver quality education that will improve one’s ability to successfully compete in today’s global society.

Just Plain Etiquette offers a series of customized seminars, lectures and workshops in leadership development, leaders coaching, diversity, customer service, communication, time management, international protocol, business protocol, business and social etiquette. These educational offerings are tailored to meet the needs of corporations, groups, organizations, colleges, universities (administrators, professors, staff personnel & students) and private tutoring for individuals who have a desire to enhance their skills and talents to compete with the challenges they face daily in our evolving economy.

Just Plain Etiquette offers corporate consulting, group and individual training to help our clients achieve business and social success. We specialize in training and developing professionals in social behaviors that are essential and have been proven to be a significant factor influencing career advancement within the business world. Our certified experienced facilitators advise clients and teach them the skills needed to outclass the competition. We provide informative, interactive and formal programs designed for today's professionals, executives and young adults.


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