“The Simple Art of Business and Social Manners”

Just Plain Etiquette (JPE) “The Simple Art of Business & Social Manners” is an education and training company created to serve all people.

Just Plain Etiquette programs are designed to reinforce the importance of proper and acceptable etiquette in business and social environments. Protocol, basic respect and good manners are often overlooked in our society today. It is important how people present themselves in business or social gathering. It can negatively effect or positively enhance the professional image and service of businesses selling sophisticated service and advice. Today, people expect excellence behavior. JPE provides you and your organization with the necessary training tools to present ones self in a polished and professional manner.

Executives in the new workplace need a better understanding of etiquette skills that will directly or indirectly enhance customer relationships and employee contributions to the organization. At Just Plain Etiquette, we realize that senior management and management personnel need information and advice on social and business etiquette.

Graciousness, style, class, and good manners are important keys to success.

Our Mission

Our mission is to develop and deliver quality education that will improve one's ability to successfully compete in today's global society.

Graciousness, style, class, and good manners are important keys to success.

JPE Offerings are for Everyone to Enjoy

  • Individuals (One-on-one)
  • Kindergarten -12th Grade Students
  • Colleges and Universities 
  • Corporate and Small Businesses 
  • Groups and Organizations 
  • Entrepreneurs 
  • Restaurants
  • Children  
  • Churches
  • Attorneys and Physicians 

Examples of Workshops Offered

  • A Dining Etiquette Experience
  • American and International Protocol
  • Business and Social Etiquette
  • Writing and Communication
  • Coaching
  • Leadership Training
  • Negotiation Training
  • Customer Care/Service
  • Diversity Training
  • Office Etiquette
  • Understanding Cultures-(Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Latin)

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